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Established in 2010, ‘Tina Medix Technologies Int. Co.’ is a dynamic medical company based in Saudi Arabia. Our dedicated team of experts and innovators specializes in importing medical equipment, consumables, and surgical supplies in the region for both private and public sectors. Our company was built on 3 core values: Innovation, Integrity, and Teamwork. By respecting those values, promoting high-standard products, and forging long-term partnerships with clients and end-users, we aim to become a trustworthy brand that patients and medics can wholeheartedly rely on for their medical needs.


The Future of Technology

We aim to dominate the region's healthcare sector by offering cutting-edge medical equipment and technology, personal care products, supplies, and innovative medical solutions to suit your needs.


In order to address future healthcare requirements, we are persistently developing our capacity to improve the quality of our products and services beyond excellence.


Our Values


Having Integrity means having respect for our team and partners


We choose the best quality for your satisfaction


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