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Tina Medix is focused on a wide range of medical

specializations with the newest technology

for the best results. Its fields include


We collaborated with some of the most influential companies around the world in order to import the newest technologies to Saudi Arabia.


Our products and partners allow us

to supply and care for your health with ease and precision.


Advanced Technology Saves Lives

While telemedicine and connected gadgets enable remote patient monitoring, innovative solutions can replace, maintain, and repair failing body systems. Modern medical technologies help people live active and fulfilling lives by speeding up recovery and maintaining good health.

We Provide Healthcare

We provide hospitals, scientists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals with high-functioning medical technology,

equipment, and tools from some of the best suppliers in the world.

KSA’s Commitment to Healthcare

Hospital stays are getting shorter in Saudi Arabia. This has been made possible by improvements in medical equipment quality, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This goes to show that innovative and effective medical technology can make the life of both the patient and the healthcare professional easier.

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